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The Michael Price Endowment Fund

The Michael Price Endowment Fund


Michael's Legacy

Goodspeed has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1963 as a summer stock theatre. All it took was the arrival of Michael Price, in 1968, to convert a struggling entity into a musical theatre with a mission, and to place Goodspeed on the national map. Michael’s visionary determination transformed Goodspeed into the “Home of the American Musical” resulting in 19 productions moving to Broadway, 72 world premieres, and two Tony Awards.

Upon his retirement, after nearly five decades at the helm, Michael leaves Goodspeed as a fiscally sound and artistically thriving institution with thousands of devoted patrons and donors. He also leaves it as the one theatre in America producing only musicals—a unique and remarkable distinction.

The organization he entrusts to his successor is among the elite of American artistic institutions, having shaped the musical theatre art form for generations of audiences and artists from Goodspeed’s stages to Broadway and beyond.

As we bid Michael goodbye, we are eager to recognize and institutionalize his nearly half-century of leadership of our theatre. Please join us in looking forward to many more years of theatrical magic by investing in Goodspeed’s future and generously supporting The Michael Price Endowment Fund at Goodspeed Musicals.

Michael PriceIt’s all about the musical.

And the work of producing mainstage musicals is central to Goodspeed’s core mission. The Michael Price Endowment Fund will pay tribute to Michael by dedicating one mainstage production to him each season, thereby ensuring that musicals continue for future generations.

Your generous gift to the Endowment Fund will:

  • Honor Michael’s lifelong commitment to Goodspeed
  • Enable Goodspeed to continue Michael’s tradition of artistic excellence
  • Allow future generations to experience the thrill of musical theatre
  • Help secure Goodspeed’s long-term financial future
Donate Now     

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to The Michael Price Endowment Fund that will continue his legacy and strengthen Goodspeed’s future.

If you have any questions about the campaign or Goodspeed’s future, please call Katie Wasserman at 860.873.8664 x365.


Thank you to the following donors, who have paid tribute to Michael Price and his amazing 47 years at Goodspeed by contributing $250 or more to the Michael Price Endowment Fund.

*As of September 21, 2016

Suzanne and Donald Joffray

Dr. and Mrs. David F. Frankel
The Hoffman Family
Jefferson B. Riley and Mary M. Wilson
Hila and Saul Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Benet
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Coviello
The Samuel and Rebecca Kardon Foundation
Seedlings Foundation
Sonny Whelen

Sarge and Audrey Aborn, & Nancy and Ken Duffy
Maxwell and Sally Belding
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cacace
Alvin Deutsch
Muriel and Karl Fleischmann
Duff Ashmead and Eric Ort
Jef and Kate Wolter

Laura and James Duncan
Chandler Howard & Liberty Bank
Marcia and David Kalayjian
Lynde and Michael Karin
Kitchings Family Fund at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County
Ron and Isobel Konecky
Lucille Lortel Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyons
Mackintosh Foundation
Dr. Anne L. Rothstein and Ms. Jane Hellman
Mr. Steve Sauer
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Scherer, Jr.
The Seymour Family
Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Thornburg
Luke and Stephanie Williams

Nancy and David Altschuler
Robert G. Bartner, M. Beverly Bartner/ Bartner Foundation
Sally and Ted Carrier
Case Graber Foundation
Theodore S. Chapin
Connecticut Water Company
Jay and Donna Lynn Hilton
Mr. and Mrs. Penfield Jarvis
Mr. Christopher Joy and Ms. Cathy Velenchik
Mrs. Margaret Lindberg
Mark Masselli and Jennifer Alexander
Larry and Patty McHugh
Betsy Russell
Ted Stanley
The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation Inc.
Leonardo H. Suzio
Mrs. Ashton M. Tenney
Zachs Family Foundation, Inc.
Pamela D. Zilly and John H. Schaefer

Michele Baumann, Catherine Denmeade & Mike Hammond
Edward C. Blaschik
Dr. J. R. Buchanan
Kay Knight Clarke
Jacquin Philip Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Foster
Susan F. Gonsalves
Sue Hessel and Karen Dahle
Ted and Kiki Kennedy
Mary Ellen Klinck
Jo Sullivan Loesser
Andrew and Bonnie Lee McKirdy
The Mohegan Tribe & Mohegan Sun
The Shubert Organization
RADM. Louise C. Wilmot USN (Ret.) and James E. Wilmot

John Avery
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beach Barlow
Louise and John Beard
Merle and Ron Bernstein
Jeffrey and Brenda Bleustein
Maia and Kay Chiat
Herb and Sherry Clark
Terri and Don Coustan
Mary H. Crary
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Daren
Judith E. Daykin
Iso and Tina Dedusaj
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. DeGraff, Jr.
Arthur Hill Diedrick
Carol and John Eddy
Dasha Epstein
Nancy and Peter Felcher
Samuel S. Fuller
William J. Ginnetti, Sr.
The Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation
Lea and Richard Goodman
Rita and Myron Hendel
James and Heather Higgins, The Grace Jones Richardson Trust
Betty Ruth and Milton Hollander
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lawrence
Alice Hammerstein Mathias
Arlene Tunney and Ken Maxwell
Service Station Equipment Inc.
George and Paula Michel
Regina and Robert F. Neal
Arlene and Daniel Neiditz
Robert and Carolyn Nelson
Captain & Mrs. Stuart R. Nestampower
Jane E. Ondovcsik
John and Corrie Paardenkooper
The Michael Stewart Foundation
Mr. Richard V. Proffitt
Jeffrey Richards Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Ruenzel
Jerome and Marlene Scharr
Steve and Carla Schwartz
Barbara and Sebastian Scripps
Dr. and Mrs. S. Russell Sylvester, Jr.
Thomas F. Tyrseck and Marie V. Morosky
Mrs. Josiah G. Venter
Thomas Viertel and Pat Daily
Victoria Winterer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zavod

Bob Alwine
David and Rosemary Baggish
Jessie, David & Eli Baker
Faith Wilcox Barrington
Donald Bidwell
David Goldman and Debbie Bisno
Walter Bobbie
Desolie and John Boys
Millie and Ron Burkman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Butler
Jack and Bertie Chuong
Alice Dadourian
Ruth Ann C. Davis
Stephen and Clo Davis
Mrs. Nathan L. Dubin
Neil and Trudi Epstein
Mr. Julian E. Eubank, III
Susan Geisenheimer in memory of Mark Wainger
Ms. Janice Goldschmidt
William F. Gratz and James A. Bruno
David and Patricia Hadlow
Ron and Nina Harris
Susan Hays
Ms. Christine N. Hunihan
Russ and Cathy Hunter
Carol LeWitt and Bruce Josephy
Mrs. Walter O. R. Korder
Levin, Powers, & Brennan, LLC
Coleman and Judie Levy
Victor and Catherine McGrady
Jane Ann Miller
D.S. Moynihan
Naomi and Jerry Neuwirth, M.D.
Judge and Mrs. Alan H. Nevas
David I. Newton
Jolyon Fox Stern
Ann Nyberg
Joan Perera
Barbara A. Pomarico
Alvin B. Reiner
Gil and Harriet Rosen
Dr. Jeff Rudikoff and Dr. Gail Weingast
The Safety Zone
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Sandler
Mrs. Elaine Sayadoff
Dr. John and Ellen Schowalter
Karen and Allyn Seymour
Ms. Carol L. Sirot
Linda and Joseph Staneck in memory of John S. Kartovsky
Shulamit and Raymon Sterman
Mr. Michael Stotts and Mr. David C. Mayhew
Paul and Shirley Sturges
Brenda J. Sullivan
Leanne F. Trout

Mr. Mark J. Abrahams
Louis R. Aidala, Esq.
Sherri and Scott Baggett
Mrs. Ellen Bell
Gus and Virginia Bodin
Craig and Annette Bolt
Flora and Edward Bryant
Chestelm Health and Rehab Center
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Cohen
Ms. Tamar Copeland
Thomas E. Desmond
Ms. Georgia B. Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Esteve
Eula and Glenn Fresch
Philip Getter
Mr. Albert B. Glassenberg
Goodspeed Guild
Patricia A. Holmes
Linda and Leslie Libow
Mrs. Dana McFadden
Mary Miko and Joseph Migliaro
Sandy Milles
Jan and Harold Moskowitz
Jeffrey and Peggy Price
Mr. Rob Ruggiero
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sargent
Claudia and Tony Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Seeman
Sylvia and David Silver
Milton L. Stretton
Lincoln and Elizabeth Thompson
Barbara Whitman and David Carlyon

Peter Aronson and Marie Landry
Anonymous (3)
Ray and Lorraine Barker
Richard and Carla Bue
Ms. Angela Cacace and Mr. Daniel Chase
Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Conroy
Gene and Vera Ehnen
Ms. Pamela C. Frasca
The Honorable and Mrs. Frederick A. Freedman
Dr. Raymond and Jean Gambardella
Goodspeed Front of House Management
Thomas and Joan Gugliotti
Sheldon and Margery Harnick
Steven and Theresa Hayse
Mrs. Robert Isaacs
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Jones
Carol and Gerald Joseloff
Bill and Martha Kellow
Nina Lannan
Joseph and Roberta Lombardino
William and Karen Longa
Phyllis McDowell
Joanna and Lawrence Noble
Rabbi Stacy Offner and Nancy Abramson
Theodora O. O'Hara
Mr. Paul S. Polo
Kathie Rindge
Mrs. Mary T. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Seaver
The Cantors Sklar
Mr. and Mrs. David Sloan
Milton and Joan Wallack
Carol A. Wiggins

Welles V. Adams
Judith W. Adams
Cynthia Andrus
Anonymous (10)
Arborio Corporation
Jane and Jack Banta
Michael and Shelley Barker
Paul Bartsch
Don and Priscilla Batty
Mrs. Clara Baur
Mrs. Alice C. Belden
Gregory P. Bendel
Caryl and Edward Bengelsdorf
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Berall
The Berloni Family
Jon and Kaycee Blancaflor
Judith F. Bolduc
Randall and Judith Bond
Liliane T. Braman
Alfreda Burblis
Peter and Sharon Burch
Mr. Gerard Cacace
Florence L. Carples
Mr. and Mrs. John Cartland
Kristin Chenoweth
John and Pinky Chidsey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Childs, Jr.
Billy and Jeanne Ciotto
Sydney and Dibbie Clark
Scott and Jo Cleary
Close, Jensen, and Miller, PC
Larry and Jane Cohen
Patrick and Janet Colca
Bill and Margie Comings
Dr. Kathleen Maurer and Nann Cooke
Jennifer and John Copelin
Timothy and Diane Covello
Beverly C. Crowther
Barbara and George Delmhorst
Norma Diamond
Lyell and Jonathan Dodd
Carol and Jack Donaghue
Margaret and Tom Dunn
Florence R. Ergin
Jane S. Erickson
Sheldon Erwine
Ms. Anne S. Evans
Richard Feldman
Mary Fellows and John Conk
Peg and Mort Finkelstein
Mr. Raleigh Finkelstein
Britt and Skip Flanagan
Thomas and Alice Fleming
Eleanor W. and Bruce T. Fox
Dr. and Mrs. Karl and Maureen Friedmann
Mr. and Mrs. Victor F. Fumiatti
Dr. Gregory and Helen Gallivan
Mary Gavin
Rogene and Stewart Gillmor
Pauline M. Gondek
Linda T. Gorin
Gloria J. Gorton
Carol E. Gourlie
Alva G. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Max C. Hartmann
Richard and Janet Healy
Linda Hershman and Stanley Israelite
Terry and Marya Holcombe
Margery B. Irish
Joel and Susan Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Jacobson
Fritz Jellinghaus and Cynthia Glacken
Dr. Robert Jung and Family
Kurt and Ines Kallmeyer
Mrs. Marian G. Kamarowski
Robert and Abigail Kimball
Barbara & Kathleen Kinney
Ken and Peg Krause
Rev. Roger J. Lamoureux
Patrice M Langlume
Gary and Carol Lazarus
Nancy Leete
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence T. Lescoe
Arnold and Judith Liebman
Andrew and David Lippa
Kal and Gloria London
Lovins Group
Jacqueline Lyon
Merrill and Nancy Mack
James and Marylin Makuch
Diane and Peter Manning
Ken and Judy Margelot
David and Joanne Marriott
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Matava
Barbara A. McAuliffe
Mary E. McCarthy
Rosemary E. McNerney
Bob Melucci
Regina and Donald Miller
Bob and Ami Montstream
Marian Moore
Mr. Michael John Morris
Bob and Marnie Mueller
Debra Nevas and Jonathan Abrams
Jayne A. Newirth
Kristina Nilsson
Suzanne O'Connor
Rev. Mark D. O'Donnell
Denise and Richard Order
Mr. Perry A. Cacace and Mrs. Palma Patti-Cacace
Paul and Linda Pendergast
Linda and Ed Pinn
Robert S. Poliner
Mr. Michael G. Polo
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Pringle
Miriam W. Ragsdale
Rosina and C. L. Raiteri
Cynthia and Jack Rehm
Mary Jane Richilson
Joshua and Cathy Ritter
Lori Robishaw
Jeanne Rozel
Ms. Anne D. Ryder
Lawrence A. Sax
David and Carlotta Schuster
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sevitch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Siegler
Stuart and Arline Small
Mr. Joseph Smith
Nancy R. Smith
Sally and Mark Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steffens, Jr.
Emerson C. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond D. Talbot, Jr.
Rabbi Lennard and Dr. Linda Thal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Toomey
David Toser
Irma and Henri Van Dam
Abbie Van Nostrand
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Varkal
Joan E. Venditto
Jean B. Vogel
Victoria Wagner
Suzanne Weinstein
Lynda E. Rosenfeld and Richard M. Weiss
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Williamson
Lynda and Eugene Willingham
John and Eileen Wygmans
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Zabel
Sherman and Ruth Zudekoff

Barbara Agar
Augusta R. Alsop
Anonymous (22)
Ruth Atwell
John and Sue Beatty
Betty Behling
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Berns
Roger Bibeau
Shirley and Paul Birkmeyer
Jan and Ron Bogdan
Robert and Elaine Boissevain
Nancy and Robert Bolgard
Richard and Rita Borden
Ronald and Nancy Borge
Fay A. Boyden
Dr. Irwin M. Braverman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brown
Sandra J. Brown
Lyle and Joan Brundage
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus C. Buchalski
Eugene and Ann Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Buendo
Michael and Cornelia Buono
Reverend Robert J. Burbank
Henry and Mary Burdelski
Bob and Betsy Bush
Ms. Diane D. Cacace
Dr. Richard Celio and Dr. Anne Jellison
Ms. Marie Ann Chenevey
Mr. and Mrs. H. David Frank
Frances J. Clark
Dave and Kathleen Cleaver
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Clinton
Marshall Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coscina
Catherine Cox
Edward and Cheryl Creem
Mr. Paul Crete
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Cropper
Ms. Judith D'Andrea
Cindy Davis
Mr. and Mrs. George E. de Redon
Ms. Stephanie Denkowicz
Mr. and Mrs. John A. DeCesare
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dobbin
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Dorn
Shari Dorsett
Barbara Downie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duffek
Malcolm A. Duffy
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ehrenkranz
Dee Ellis
Mrs. Margaret Epstein, in honor of Fussie Carple
Rudy and Joy Favretti
Maureen and Carl Fazzino
Gloria and Martin Feibish
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fine
Dr. and Mrs. Brendan M. Fox
Andrew and Donna Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Fromer
Mrs. Dorothy C. Fullam
Gail and Richard Gambino
Annette and Seymour Gavens
Viola Gilcher
Mike and Erica Gilroy
Mrs. Dawn Gingras
Joseph Glasser
Roberta D. Grossman
Carol Halstead
Arlyne S. Hancock
Mrs. Astrid Hanzalek
Rick and Alison Harris
Mary M. Heslin
Ms. Sarah Hewson
Alice Hinchcliffe
Mr. Henry Hofflich
Philip and Dianne Honig
Virginia Dangremond Houghtaling
Bev and Bob Huber
Mrs. Linda J. Ivey
Hermine J. Jezek
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Johnson
Eric and Priscilla Johnson
Mervale Jones
Myra Josephson
Henry and Elsa Josten
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kane
Stanley Kavan
John and Melanie Kedves
Deborah Kelly and Wayne Renton
Sandi Kerzner and Larry Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kiely
Dick and Reta King
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kops, Sr.
Stanley and Esther Kozak
Donald and Carole Koziy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kreh
Connie and Jackie Krupa
Barbara P. Kurtz
Dr. Dorothy Leib
Mr. Steven M. Lillyweber
Goldie Liverant
James and Joyce Lutat
Dr. Bernard Lytton
Mrs. Marie C. Maleno
Joan and Joel Marcus
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Margnelli
Patricia Marinone
Mrs. Charlene Marquis
The Masci Family
Donna Matulis
Jim and Helga Mazzei
Robin L. McGee
Connie E. McIntyre
Mrs. Allison McLain
Kerry and Donna Meehan
Monica P. Mills
Kay Molochko
Rose Motola
Andrew and Jodie Nevas
Victoria Nolan
Mrs. Susan Nova
Mrs. Barbara W. Nugent
Judy and Jerry Oppenheim
Bonnie Patterson
Emil and Patricia Pavone
Carol L. Pellegrine
Terry E. Peterson
Marjorie Petro
James and Barbara Petrosky
Milton Porter & Alma Derway
Ms. Nicole Price
Estelle Rao
Mr. Bobby Reed
Willard and Barbara Revaz
Lee Erwin Rhodes
Ms. Diane Robek
Madeline Joy Robichaud
June Rosenblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ross
Phyllis and Herb Ross
Mrs. Emily and Attorney Richard Rothstein
Mr. Charles E. Roy
Ruth H. Ruskin
Bob and Sally Rychlovsky
Marcy and Joel Saltzman
Jean Santoiemma-Stent
Albert and Nancy Santostefano
Claudette Sanville
Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Schiff
Ms. Joyce Schilberg
Mr. Robert Schreck
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schuman
Robert and Anne Schwabik
Dr. Joel and Linda Schwartz
Cheryl and Elwin Schwartz
Tami and Michael Scotto
Mrs. Cindy Seiwert
Thomas and Rose Selnau
Ms. Jessica Shelberg
Ann and Allen Shenk
Roberta Shorthouse
Leo and Claudette Sirois
Dalton and Jane Smart
Mr. and Mrs. William Smyers, Jr.
Ms. Daya Soudan
Gloria R. and W. Lee Sparaco
Mary Louise and Dennis Spencer
Karl P. Stofko
Mervyn Strauss
Peggy Stumbers
James and Marcia Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tiktin
Joan and David Tracy
Virginia Trenholm
Mrs. Mary L. Varano
Patti Anne Vassia
Roberta and Mark Velez
Mr. George M. Vinick and Mrs. Margaret Saxe
Sue Voos
Ms. Carol Warner
Reverend and Mrs. Richard A. Watson
Steve Sagman and Eric H. Weinberger
R.Adm.J.R.Weschler USN Ret.
Grace L. Willhelm
John N. Wilmot
Roberta C. Wilson
Katharine S. Winter
Mrs. Jacqueline Wolff

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