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Something's Afoot Reviews

Something's Afoot Reviews


What our Audience is Saying:

  • "Went to see Something's Afoot today and really enjoyed it. After reading the review in the Hartford Courant, I wasn't sure what to expect, but, as usual, the Courant review was completely off the mark. The cast, musicians and behind the scenes people were excellent." - Tina M., 11/25/12
  • "Contrary to Sylviane Gold’s not-so-flattering review, Something’s Afoot was this season’s best production. As the waiter for our after-theatre dinner at the Gelston House said, “In Carousel, one person died and everybody was crying; in Something’s Afoot, everybody dies, and the audience is happy and laughing.” It was an extremely entertaining show! If Ms. Gold doesn’t like mysteries, she shouldn’t be reviewing mysteries—musical or otherwise. We all expected it to be corny; that was a big part of its charm. I didn’t notice any jokes falling flat, by the way. The intent of the play, I would imagine, was to be somewhat exaggerated and unbelievable, but thoroughly amusing and entertaining. What’s wrong with an afternoon, or evening, of light-hearted enjoyment? Silliness sometimes serves a well-needed therapeutic purpose. Kudos to the entire cast, musicians, and special effects folks!" - Barbara L., 11/19/12
  • "My wife and I drove down from Boston. We had a great meal before the show, drinks on the deck overlooking the Connecticut River with the lights shimmering off the water. Then we had the true pleasure of watching these talented actors bring this story to life. Theater is supposed to create memories, and my wife and I will always have this wonderful night together away from the daily grind. For a little while we were allowed into the zaniness of these wonderful characters and I personally don't care what critics say.....I think sometimes they forget what theater is supposed to be and this show is it!!!" - Bill B., 11/16/12
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this performance and was quite surprised after reading a negative review just before we left yesterday. Boy, were they wrong. The acting, singing and musicians were outstanding - especially Ms Tweed--what great expressions. Thank you for making it a special day for my sister and me." - Virginia, 11/09/12
  • "I am so happy we didn't listen to one of the critics because this was a delightful performance with skilled actors and the music and singing was engaging! I felt so happy when we left! BRAVO! - Pat, 11/08/12
  • "The critics were wrong...this show was great! What a wonderful, fun night out. Excellent cast, entertaining dialogue, wonderful songs." - Cat C., 11/04/12

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What the Critics are Saying:

  • The New York Times: "I, for one, was happy to be trapped for a couple of acts in the vinegary company of Audrie Neenan, wagging an accusatory finger, raising a dubious eyebrow and curling a skeptical lip with irresistible gusto as Miss Tweed." Read the full review
  • The Examiner: "This Something's Afoot proves to be a fun, entertaining evening of theater that allows its characters to behave in just the right amounts of zaniness without letting the humor get out of control." Read the full review
  • Hartford Courant: "This leaden musical spoof of an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery may have been popular in the mid-'70s at Goodspeed, inspiring a commercial transfer to Broadway in 1976 but that was then."
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